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Worldwide Air freight

When speed is of the essence when you want to ship your goods, then air freight is probably the fastest way to transport your goods worldwide. Our experienced team will be able to advise you of the best option available, in accordance with your time and price criteria.
We offer Worldwide Services based on a long and continuous cooperation with major airlines around the globe, thus having the capability to offer a complete range of air freight solutions.

Our company offers a wide range of air freight services to meet the requirements of present and prospective customers. These services can be classified in the following categories:

  • International Services
  • Premium Air Express service for shipments on basis:
    ·Door to Door including clearance
    ·Door to Airport
    ·Airport to Airport
  • Normal Air Express Service which is cost effective for:
    ·Door to Airport
    ·Airport to Airport
  • Hazardous Material Services
Log Freight BD Services Ltd has the capacity to offer its customers all necessary services and documentation in relation to shipments classified as Hazardous Materials. Examples of Hazardous shipments include various pharmaceutical products, flammable products, goods that contain alcohol or other flammable liquid, etc.    
  • Special Cargo

We can make the necessary arrangements to satisfy the special shipping requirements of current and prospect customers. Special cargoes can include live pets (puppies, cats, birds, etc), or shipments that are fragile or need special handling procedures.

Freight costs are calculated by volume and/or weight, and we operate continual services to and from all major airports. Contact us and we'll be pleased to discuss your needs and advise you on what is best for you.

Worldwide Sea freight

We have expertise in providing international sea freight forwarding services to companies big & small worldwide. We are an integral part of our clients export/import departments, offering custom tailored ocean/sea freight logistics solutions for a wide variety of cargos.

    We offer Worldwide Services providing a range of Sea freight solutions to meet your needs:

    • Full Container Load (FCL)
    • Less than full Container Load (LCL)
    • Groupage Services
    • Oversized and Special Cargo
    • Import & Export Services
    • Marine Insurance
1. Full Container Load (FCL)

Full container load services are offered from and to all major ports around the globe. In relation to your needs and specific shipment criteria, we can load your shipment with the appropriate type of full container (see container descriptions), whether it is 20’ or 40’ Dry container, 20’ or 40’ High Cube container
2. Less than full Container Load (LCL)

Less than Full container load services are offered from and to all major ports around the globe. We offer full consolidation services including Door to Door service, meaning that we can handle your shipment from the time of your order placement until goods are delivered to your premises. This is very important for companies or individuals that have small volume of goods since we can offer them a more efficient and with a lower cost service.
3. Groupage Services

Log Freight BD Services Ltd offers regular and reliable consolidation services, providing speedy, efficient, and reliable Groupage services from everywhere to everywhere on the Globe. A full Door to Door service is provided from the time you place your order up to final delivery; and your cargo is constantly monitored by our experienced staff.
4. Oversize / Flat rack Cargo

We have the capacity to handle shipments of oversize cargo, both for full container and less than full container volume. Also, we have the skill and experience to correctly and efficiently load and secure material on flat racks and flatbeds.
5. Import & Export Services

We offer a variety of options to your shipping preference including:

• Port to Port
• Door to Door
• Any combination in between
Customs Clearance

Log Freight BD Services Ltd can undertake all customs formalities for the quickest clearance of your shipments. We can provide efficient and trouble free customs clearing services for all types of merchandise, both for air freight and sea freight shipments. Our worldwide network of associates & agents ensures timely customs clearance and delivery / collection in the country of destination.
Our company offers a complete set of clearance services to move cargo as swiftly and efficiently as possible through customs. Being the primary intermediary between the customer and Customs, we provide advice and representation to our customers in the processing of all types of transactions relative to Customs brokerage such as:

  • Obtaining Import & Export licenses
  • Formal & Informal Customs entries
  • Import / Export Duties
  • Securing release of the shipment / cargo
  • Transshipment processes
  • Local deliveries 

Acting as a custom broker, we transact customs business on behalf of our customers performing activities relative to the following transactions:

  • Entry and Admissibility of Merchandise
  • Classification and Valuation of Merchandise
  • Payment of Duties, Taxes, or other charges assessed or collected
  • The Refund, Rebate, or Drawback of Merchandise  

The company’s trained and experienced personnel offers consultation to our clientele about any potential product they are planning to import or export. This way the customer can take the appropriate trade decisions having in mind the extra costs and/or limitations entailed in various product categories. Hazardous and restricted goods are some examples.   


Log Freight BD Services Ltd provides fast, reliable, and safe delivery / collection of any kind of shipment to / from any place in Bangladesh. We offer transportation services by truck for both small shipments and larger ones. We also offer Container Trucking services for your Imports, Exports, and Domestic needs. In relation to our sea & air freight solutions we offer:
  • Handling business to and from Bangladeshn Airports for consignments to and from all over the world. 
  • Handling business to and from Bangladeshn Ports for consignments to and from all over the world

Are you moving to / from any part of the globe, trust your belongings to Log Freight BD Services Ltd Worldwide Logistic. 

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